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Brush Pick-Up Last Full Week of each month

2015 Schedule TBA

Brush will be picked up Monday through Friday during the last full week of each month; April through October.

Brush removal is a public service that is provided to residents at no additional fee. Brush will be picked up Monday through Friday during the last full week of every month. Brush must be placed at the curb on Monday of brush week, NO LATER THAN 7:00 a.m. Due to the volume of brush, crews may not be able to go back to your street if you put it out after they go through.

Brush pick-up is designed to handle typical residential type yard trimmings. It is not designed to pick up excessive amounts of tree trimmings left by tree services performing residential trimming or lot clearing. Likewise, brush removal is not to be utilized for whole tree removal

All limbs, vines, and brush smaller than one (1) inch in diameter, must be tied with string in bundles not to exceed one (1) foot in diameter or six (6) feet in length. Anything with thorns must also be in bundles. The reason for this is to allow passage and handling of smaller brush through chipper opening. Do not tie the bundles with wire or electric cord as this will damage chipper and blades.

All limbs should be neatly stacked at the curb with all cut ends facing the street. Limbs should be left as long as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

To allow chipper blades to grab limbs without side branches getting caught, large limbs should have side branches removed four (4) feet back from the cut end of limbs so the branches can reach the blades. 

We are not able to accept the following 

-        stumps or roots cannot be put through chipper

-        limbs over six (6) inches in diameter

-        old firewood or fence posts

*Please check to see that there are no nails or metal of any kind mixed in with brush as this will cause damage to chipper.

The following reasons are why your brush may NOT be picked up

not tied in bundles

tied with wire or electric cord

bundles or limbs too large for chipper

stumps or roots

firewood or fence post

sticker bushes not bundled

cut ends not facing the same direction

     excessive piles of brush created from whole tree removal

     brush that is from commercial trimming


Contact Information:

Business Hours - Road Department: 513.697.2744

Public Works: 513.701.6978 

After Hours Emergency - Warren County Dispatcher 513.925.2525 


The Deerfield Township Public Works Department  will begin Fall leaf pickup on Monday, November 3rd and will continue until November 28th. 

Crews will only pick up bagged leaves; paper bags preferred.  To conserve space, please mulch the leaves prior to bagging them if possible.  The bags should be securely tied and placed in the grass berm in front of your residence.  Please DO NOT include grass clippings, twigs, rocks, etc. in the bags.

Bags of leaves should be placed out at the street on the same day you typically place your trash out for curbside pick-up.    Depending on weather and the volume of bags placed for pick up, exact leaf pick up days may vary.  For additional information, please contact: Jim Houston, Deerfield Township Road Superintendent at 513-583-4793.




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